We are into the Business of Healthcare/ Pharma with a small venture started in the beginning of year 2009, with great enthusiasm generated out of the new and innovative segment of chronic cum life style diseases, that too with some of the products falling in the category of first time in India launch, backed up by marketing experience of nearly three decades.

So as on today we are promoting our brands under two wide categories of Pharma / Wellness healthcare which are promoted & positioned in various Oncology segments of specialisation with a plethora of documented data (Available from the Research initiated on Curcumin since 1993, that too from M.D. Andersons Centre for Cancer, University of TEXAS, Housten, U.S.A).

In the form of clinical trials (Mainly phase-1, Phase-2) studies, references & related data to support its safety & efficacy & results as an adjuvant or supportive cancer therapy, that too without any or the least of side effects of its own along with reducing or mitigating the side effects and complications caused due to various Chemo or Radiotherapies associated with cancer treatment schedules. All our products fall into the category of Life Style Related (Chronic Diseases) segment, which is both Preventive & Curative, that includes natural herbal cum dietary supplements, that too mostly single constituent (Extract based) formula.

Our Strategy&Goals

The uses & benefits of all these categories of products are thoroughly evaluated, researched and clinically tried by our Ancient Practitioners, supported by Demographic studies, Modern Medical Science, not only from India alone, but from entire world, more specifically the Western World, as most of the clinical support data has originated from countries, like U.S, U.K, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

Our Larger Goal & Objective of being, “The Most Scientific Awareness Creating” company. Simultaneously, to reduce or to the extent of eradicating the sickness related pain, agony or the sufferings of the whole of Human & Animal Population, that too with almost No or Minimal Side effects, With the products derived from the Mother Nature, soothing, loving & caring for the entire population, irrespective of the Cast, Creed, Geographical or Lingual barriers.

The- Market&Team

The Market&Team

We are operating in a huge upcoming & ever expanding market of Natural cum dietary supplements healthcare sector, wherein a lot of research studies, trials & innovation is in progress, because of the need for preventive & curative system, that has evolved with increasing awareness among the, masses, in response to changing lifestyles & associated disorders & diseases, So here the Mission & Objective of every person is to lead a healthy & long life, free from Diseases, as most but not all the Allopathic Drug treatment system is associated with a wide range of side effects, which are in a way affecting the human health badly.

We have an expertise of nearly three decades in Pharma Marketing and bring a rich experience of building a good team, having worked almost 2/3 of the country’s geographical terrains linked with pharma healthcare sector, well versed with various channels of healthcare sector. Along with Pharma, we got to know more about the upcoming natural healthcare segment.