As per Research analysis in 2016, which establishes a link between Nutrition & Development of 16 different types of cancers, including Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Renal & Prostate Cancer.

Obesity, Sedentary life style & processed foods (that contain little or no proteins, vitamins or minerals and are high on processed salts, sugars, fats and energy) push up cancer risk by up to 30% in Developed Countries & 20% in the Developing World, said the report.

But the fact is that close to 60% of cancer in India are preventable

Around 40% cancer in India are caused by tobacco use, Another 20% are from infections, such as Hepatitis B, (that causes Liver Cancer) & HPV (Human papilloma Virus) that causes cervical cancers.

So cancer risk can be significantly reduced by

★ Avoiding or minimizing the use of processed foods & Alcohol & Tobacco.

★ Adopting a healthy Life style & Proper diet & minimize stressful life conditions.